Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grandkids Galore

My mom always said that you raise kids when you're young because that's when you have all the energy. I really understand that now. But I enjoy as much time as I can with my grandkids. I got to spend time with all three of them during the month of May.  I'm looking forward to two more boys who will be born in October- close to the same week!

Afton is always a sweet, well-mannered cutie. She prefers Grandpa over me any day but lets me know I'm important too.

She is waiting for some oranges to eat.

Eating and posing.

As happy as can be.

She followed grandpa out to mix up his engine additive.

She didn't let him out of her sight.

She's very curious and interested in everything.

We went out front to watch him mow the lawn.

She is so much like Clair and loves to pose.

She found Grandma Adams' cancer bear and had to give him some love.

On to the backyard. We took turns on the hammock, including bear of course.

She made sure the blanket was neat.


We went to Utah for Memorial Day and spent three nights at Nichole's house. We had some great moments with Brielle and Beckham. They are getting so big. They really love to go places and have fun wherever they are.

This is the view from Nichole's living room windows and backyard. I just wanted to sit there the whole time and take it all in. There's much more to see. My camera couldn't capture it all.

Building towers with these blocks was a popular activity.

Relaxing while the kids napped.

Aunt Ari-nana is Beckham's favorite person. He tried to stick with her as much as possible.

Beckham just woke up and was still in need of mom's hugs.

When Ariana wasn't available grandpa was the one to hang out with.

Beckham chilled for a few minutes while Nichole and Brielle played catch.

They all displayed their ball-head-butting talents

...and soccer moves!

We went to visit Chase at the fire station in Linden but just as we drove up they got a call and out comes the fire engine with Chase driving.  So we went to the park across the street to wait and he came back in about twenty minutes and we had a short visit with him. Meanwhile everyone had some fun on the swings.

Ariana attempted to jump off the swing. I missed it.

Afton wanted to try her hand at making a basket.

Such a fun time. I treasure every moment with my grandkids as none of them live very close to me.
I love you my little peanuts- Afton, Brielle and Beckham.